About Kiss Flower Farm

The Story

Kiss Flower Farm began in 2013 when I decided that I needed to reinvent myself (again). I've learned to embrace life's changes and enjoy the ride. I began working at a local market in the cheese department because one thing that will never change is my passion for all things yummy and delicious! I also decided to turn my 1876 New England Farmhouse into a Bed and Breakfast and when guests asked to purchase some of my breakfast creations, the Kiss Flower Farm line of homemade treats was born. 

People often ask about the farm's unusual name. I love birds but my all time favorite is the Hummingbird. "Kiss Flower" is a literal translation of the Portuguese word for a hummingbird, since they go from flower to flower "kissing" each one. For years I lived off and on in Brazil, but that was another life and another story!

The Creations

Kiss Flower Farm specialty foods are made locally in seriously small batches using organic and local ingredients as well as what we grow on the property. I like to keep things fresh and interesting, so I'm always trying out new flavors. Specialty jam flavors like Tomato Vanilla, Strawberry Basil and Peach Bourbon have had just as much success as traditional basics like Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry. 

I generally don't use fruit pectin and that makes for a looser jam in some cases, depending on the naturally occurring pectin within the fruit. With some creations however, like Sweet and Hot Pepper jelly, pectin is necessary to form a gel. In those recipes I only use an all natural non GMO pectin. 

I bake my granola fresh weekly and customer comments like "Best granola I've ever had," is something I hear frequently. That's the small batch fresh baked difference. Served with kefir or yogurt and topped with a spoonful of my homemade jam, it's definitely yummy.

My passion for all things culinary is forever and I'm always adding new creations so check out the site, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, stay at the farm (Airbnb: Kiss Flower Farm, Norwell MA), or visit us at a local Farmer's Market or Craft Fair!